Create an innovative new experience that uses the NBA's wealth of video clips to deliver an entire night's worth of action to fans, surfacing top plays and need-to-know storylines along the way.

Create a portal from the app's homepage (the scoreboard) to an immersive new experience that bubbles up top videos and allows for an endless exploration of clips by player, team, game or topic. Build and test in a sandbox environment to iterate and optimize before release into the main app experience. 

To achieve a rich, immersive feel, we flipped the color scheme inside out, setting the video content against a dark background while keeping typography and UX patterns consistent for easy exploration. Smart rules around scrolling and autoplay eliminate friction between clips and a unique timeline UX ensures that a massive library of content each night remains easy to navigate.

Role: Strategy, Creative Direction


Experience example (made with Principle). Password: LETMEIN

Buzz page introducing the new feature to prospective users.

Buzz page introducing the new feature to prospective users.

Currently in live beta in the NBA International app.